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Oct 28, 2020 | jcampbell | 1581 views
Important reminders for the season
The season is well under way and the coaches have solidified their rosters. Any changes that have been made are now complete. Over the past several weeks coaches and parents have received numerous emails and posts on the WBMHA website regarding our return-to-play framework. Most of the information has been well received but there are still some people who have not read the emails or posts and become frustrated when they arrive at the arena.

The following may seem repetitive to some, but it is necessary for everyone to review so we all understand the structure for the season and avoid any issues. The entire association wishes that hockey can return to the way we know it but unfortunately that will not happen this year.

The WBMHA worked hard in the off season to be the first association to get back on the ice and the first to start game play within the GBMHL. This is something we can all be proud of and happy that our children are able to participate in.

The biggest take away from this season is skill development not winning or losing house league games or how to create an offensive zone attack in a 4 vs 4 game. This house league program has been created to bring some structured game play to a difficult season and to keep the players motivated so they continue to work hard at practice and be better prepared for a return to “normal” hockey.

Over the past few games some key issues have come up that need to be addressed. The entire membership needs to understand that the rules in place are not WBMHA rules. The WBMHA is left with the difficult task of implementing the changes and ensuring everyone follows the protocols set by Hockey Canada, OHF, OMHA, Public Health and the Town of Wasaga Beach. Without everyone’s cooperation and understanding our hockey program will simply end prematurely and could result in the closure of our arena.

For those who don’t agree with how this season has been rolled out please remember that the volunteer coaches, bench staff and executive members that dedicate hundreds of hours of their time so your child can play local hockey deserve your respect and gratitude. Without these volunteers and your support there is no hockey. We all ask that you respect the safety protocols in place for the benefit of the kids and their love of the game. How this season ultimately ends may rest on your actions.

Coaches and game play

  • Games are either 4v4 or 3v3 depending on the number of players available
  • Minimum roster is 5+1 goalie or 6 skaters
  • Starting lines are set in advance by the coaches and must roll evenly
  • A-group players on one line, B-group players on another
  • Lines rotate on a buzzer – no changes on the fly or mixing lines
  • A top tier player should never be on the same line as a lesser experienced player. It serves no purpose and is demoralizing for the weaker player and equally frustrating for the more advanced player.
  • If players are missing, coaches can have one line of 3 and one of 4 to accommodate skill level
  • The house league coaches are there for the kids so the games are monitored and players given positive direction. This is not a reflection of a coach’s ability to win games - it’s to ensure the kids have fun and stay safe. Remember - it's house league.
  • There is no intentional contact allowed – Covid rules hockey
  • Penalties will be assessed and players will be ejected for repeat violations. Coaches are warned during the game and players and parents need to understand there is no intentional contact allowed – Covid rules hockey. Lengthy scrums along the boards will be stopped and game play reset.
  • 1 coach and 1 trainer allowed on bench or 2 coaches with shared trainer for both teams
  • Coaches and trainers must be certified and approved by Coach Liaison
  • Game sheets must be completed, and suspensions added as served from last year
  • Coaches to wear masks on the bench


  • One spectator per participating player. Two bench staff do not count as spectators.
  • Team manager, coach or parent helper to assist with contact tracing forms for all players and spectators. These individuals count as a spectator for one player.
  • No spectators for practice unless you are a team coach or trainer. Must be confirmed with Coach Liaison.
  • We cannot use the front entrance as a gathering spot. This includes the interior lobby and the outdoor front entrance. The Town has brought this to our attention and requests that families do not group together at the entrance while waiting to go inside.
  • Players must arrive in their gear ten minutes prior to start time and leave with their gear on within 15 minutes of game ending.
  • Spectators cannot enter the arena until the game starts and must leave the arena at the end buzzer prior to players getting off the ice. This the especially important and will determine whether spectators will be allowed going forward.
  • Spectators to use the marked seating in the arena - there are ten spots on each side of the rink.
  • One person in the time box and they are not considered a spectator. A mask must be worn.
  • All spectators must wear masks and fill out contact tracing form at entrance
  • 50 person maximum in the building

This is a summary only and all the points are subject to change depending on regulations set by the government and hockey authorities. Any changes will be communicated as soon as received.

If you have any questions, please direct them to an executive member for clarification.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.